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What is all this about?

March 23 2018

Published By: Chantelle

Welcome to our first blog post.

Wondering to yourself why C Shells decided to write a blog? The answer to that is: so are we! Just kidding, we decided it was a good way for us to share ourselves with all of you.

Day after day we have awesome customers come in who want to talk or share stories and whatnot (which we really enjoy) so we thought we would do the same.

In upcoming entries we will share our thoughts, ideas and all things C Shells. We look forward to sharing more of ourselves with you.


Always Changing

July 26 2018

Published By: Chantelle

It's been a while since I've updated you all. We have been busy around here, as always. We're constantly trying to think of ways to make things better for you all.  

We have added a Shop button to our Facebook Page. Although it doesn't let you make a purchase through Facebook (hopefully that will change soon), it does allow you to see some product details and contact us for more questions.

We have been back and forth about expanding. We want to make workshoppes easier to host, and things easier to navigate. As of right now, we are still in the talking stage. Keep your eyes and ears open for updates.


Big News!

July 31, 2018

Published By: Chantelle

We have a very busy month ahead of us. We will be moving 2 doors down! It's only one number different in the address, 4729 Wyandotte St E to 4749 Wyandotte St E.

This new location will allow us to do a variety of workshoppes, and showcase our items in a much better light.

This week we will be focusing on cleaning and painting the new place and moving things like Bluestone House items, Barefoot Venus, Weirs Lane Lavender, Soaps and Incense. These great items will continue to be restocked.

We will remain open throughout our transition and will do our best to make this as smooth as possible for you all.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for all of the up to date information.

Looking forward to some amazing changes!


Busy Busy

August 31, 2018

Published By: Chantelle

It has been a very busy month indeed. We did reach our goal of being open at the new location for the event on August 18th. I think I speak for all of us here at C Shells by saying we need a nap!

The end of moving is near though. Today we will be finishing off at the old location and cleaning up for the new tenants. It's exciting when new businesses come into the neighbourhood. We know we can count on all of you to give them a warm welcome when the doors open.

We are working out the details for some workshoppes. If you're not signed up to our newsletter, you might want to! You can sign up through the link on the Contact Us page. We will send out an announcement once we have more details.


Workshoppes and Events

September 13, 2018

Published By: Chantelle

We have started organizing some workshoppes and events, which you can find on the events page.

We want to bring you a variety of classes and mini events. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Is there something you've wanted to try? Are you or someone you know interested in teaching a workshop? You can let us know through email ([email protected]). 



November 23, 2018

Published By: Chantelle

The holiday season is fast approaching. Feels like a week ago that we were sitting poolside sipping some delicious wine. The days are just flying by.

We will be posting our holiday hours soon. We will be open Sundays in December like always, and Christmas eve for any last minute shoppers.


Finally All Settled

January 2, 2019

Published By: Chantelle

It seems that the job is never done, but we are finally settled enough in our new location to start offering some workshoppes. I can't release the details yet,  but be sure to check in on our Facebook page soon.

We are having a sale on the remaining Christmas items to try and clear them out, along with 25% off on all the consignment motorcycle items.

Before I go, all of us here at C Shells wish you and your loved ones all the best in 2019! Now is the time we start all prefecting turning an 8 into a 9.


Spring Savings

April 30, 2019

Published By: Chantelle

We have been throwing ideas all about, trying to find the perfect spring sale. It was a lot harder to do now that we have a few consignment pieces in store. We decided to do 15% off storewide, along with 25% off all consignment motorcycle items. 

We have brought in quite a few different new and old items and our books for Hospice section has grown (which we love).

We worked out the details for another paint night on May 9th which we will be open to the public for.

If you have any ideas for paint nights or work shops let us know! We would love to bring you new things when ever we can.