The Back Story

To our valued customers:

Thank you for all of your support and feedback. We couldn't live out our dreams without you.

Our Amazing Team

Introducing the ladies of C Shells

Shelley Hicks


AKA: The Mom

Shelley is the creative drive behind C Shells. You can usually find her in the back 'playing' with new pieces. She always has at least one project on the go.

Chantelle Hunter


AKA: Telley

Chantelle is usually the one behind the counter. She handles our social media and the like. She will keep you on your toes with her ever changing hair colours.

Crystin Hunter

Senior Architect

AKA: Kiki

Crystin is more behind the scenes. Shes our fantastic Accountant and inventory keeper. Every now and then you can catch her behind the counter or painting.

Wendy Andrew

Senior Architect

Wendy is our volunteer and good friend. She comes in roughly once a week and helps us out. She also makes a few of the items around the store.